Provides law enforcement and the implementation of all activities of the Council, its committees, the Mayor and the entire administration.


  • Has the obligation in implementation of tasks in accordance with the law and within the set deadlines.
  • Provides legal advice and counseling to solve various problems arising during the activity and functioning of departments and other sectors of the apparatus of city administration.

    Does the interpretation of the legal basis, when the latter is required by employees for implementation, and the normal functioning of work.

  • Oversees the process of drafting contracts where the municipality is part to.
  • With the authorization of the Mayor, it represents and protects in litigation or other disputes with third parties, the interests of the institution of the Municipality.



  1. There is a clear responsibility for the formulation and implementation of policy in the low field , its implementation and achievement of the set.
  2. It is the source of advice on all relating matters to this field and to contribute to decision-making and other areas within the institution of the Municipality.
  3. Signs all act draft arising from the respective departments within the institution of the Municipality, after verifying their compliance with the law or delegates that another employee of the legal field specialist within this institution.
  4. To increase the effectiveness of the work of this Department as part of the municipality structures, contributes to and coordinates all activities and administration departments in order to organize all this activity in support and within the legal framework adopted by the competent institutions.
  5. Provides legal assistance for the activities of the City Council, the Mayor and all its apparatus.
  6. Provides legal assistance for all legal acts issued by Municipal Council, the Mayor and the acts that draw departments and offices of the institution and the duty of states’ compliance with the law of all act draft  sent to to City Council approval.
  7. Legal Department has full control supervisor for legal affairs in the municipality or for issues that the municipality or its subordinate institutions are interested.